DARK ROOM / Poems by Dr Jernail S. Aanand


jernail S Anand

Poems by Dr Jernail S. Aanand





Here is where the heart
misses a beat;
here the senses swoon;

here are the notes
which wait
for the fingers of a master;

blessed with this beautiful stuff
i was waiting when
my lord, my love would come;

and turn me into a thing sublime;
some celestial stuff;
from the sky
burning with its own fire;

soon i realized
the stars
did not exist in the skies;
they lived in our eyes;

and the whole panorama
of pain, pleasure, joy,
and ecstasy
lay not in the objects asunder
but in these portals; within.

i looked silently around
to find
what could happen to me;
there was none to reply
except some deep voices trapped within.

all the messages i receive
not from outside;
they are suggestions
inbuilt in my flesh.

come dear,
descend the stairs;
there is a dark room
where i live, enclosed within
with my dearest memories.



dr j.s. aanand
all rights reservd 2014


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