Poems by Alicja Kuberska



Poems by Alicja Kuberska



(Not) My Poem


I wrote a few words and secured them permanently.

Reflections and emotions created the stanzas.

I uttered the final sentence, and my poem moved like a zephyr,

Kissing my lips lightly as he left, gliding away to strangers.


He slipped into eyes, where tears are born.

He whispered tender words to hearts and they faintly shivered.

He pricked dormant consciences, made stale by daily routine.

He consoled a sad lady, Melancholy.


At night he soared skywards parting heavy curtains of clouds.

The stars glistened over illuminated moonlit paths for lovers

The tender song of a lone nightingale echoed around the dark abyss

And sank softly into swooning scents of flowers.


Sometimes my faithless lover returns – beloved son of the muse,

But child of mine no more




The Islands of Happiness


dreams come true in the Bahamas


let’s go there

where the wind brushes the green hair of palm trees

the huge ocean murmurs sleepily

the golden sand remembers footprints

and the sun disappears in blue water in the evening


before the black butterfly appears

we have time to write a few lines of a poem

and to share our thoughts like a slice of bread


only there

we can entrust our secrets to the stars




Thief of Dreams


I was silent, smiling, undemanding.

You did not expect that I would take without consent.

I was too close, and everything was within the reach of my hand.


Like a thief, I stole your glances and loneliness.

Your thoughts, I tied in a myriad of knots, creating a dense net,

And from dreams, I wove a gentle curve of a woman’s figure.


I stoked the spark of passion in your eyes, and a fire erupted.

I wrapped us in a sweet scent of flowers in my hair

And we glided towards many, distant nights.


Day has no right to enter the precipitous depth.

It is a place, in which the contours of black shadows fall asleep.

Only at the bottom of the abyss, can dreams and starlight be seen.


You are from Mars, I am from Venus.

Far planets are the bright points on a firmament of tenderness.

Our words and hands attracts to the force of gravity of life.




A Philosopher and a Poet


they met between heaven and earth

at the place where time and matter are irrelevant

at a higher level of abstraction

they overcame the barriers of the real world


he brought a white canvas and philosophical maxims

she brought the paint brushes

and a handful of dreams in words

they painted the picture in many shades of blue

they poured their thoughts and feelings into the ether


he sketched the outlines of life

with a bold navy blue line

she filled the background with gentle azure brushes

together they added a few colorful spots of astonishment

his eyes are hazel and hers are green




Surge – Outflow


Sensitivity sentences one to loneliness,

empathy brings one closer to people.

Subsequent influx and efflux of feelings

teach the physics of existence.


I know,

I will not build the bridge between heaven and earth,

I will not catch up the waning moon,

I will not find the end of the rainbow.


I’m so close, you can almost touch my hand

and yet I’m far distant from your thoughts.


Life disappoints, dreams give hope.



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