Poems by SWANSH



Poems by SWANSH



Invisible Bonds


As I walk and walk and walk
There is a flicker of thought
Why am I walking all this way?
What prompts me to take the steps?
And I once again glance at my muse
That serene smile was ever shining
And I know instantly what it is
The invisible bond that can only be felt
Cannot be seen or touched or held
Countless are the instance of this bonds
For we never know what a simple Hello
May impact a gloomy looking soul
And in how many ways he may return
The simple hello
We never know how a soul in pain may feel
When we touch them with tenderness
In their hours of need not for materialistic
But for some humanistic touch of love
For what can we lose if we create a bond
Such that both get benefitted for life
Who knows how many chains can be created
With just one tender touch or smile or love
In divine gratefulness to the creator
I walk and walk and walk.



Moments of Till


As I walk and walk and walk
I search within for the answers
To questions and doubts and dilemmas
Irking the conscious from times ancient
To be or not to be, a dilemma
In the now moment, a call
Express or not to express, a question
To stop or move, an undulation
To find or be a love, a grate
To be or not to be, a dilemma
To travel or to journey, a doubt
To unravel or to relish, a push pull
To live or to exist, a puzzle
To love or be loved, a solace
To be or not to be, a dilemma
To sail or to crawl, a glut
To smile or to spread, a divinity
To suppress or to evoke, an introspection
Oh! The point of ooze or expression
To be or not be, a dilemma
And the wish for the light to dawn
And I walk and walk and walk.



Freezing of a Moment


As I walk and walk and walk
Through the passing moments
My conscious and sub conscious
Both divulge at the vee of the angle
Between the two moments of now and past
And I think what a beauty God has created
The life we live and become lived in an instant
Of eternity encapsulated in a blink of an eye
All our experiences and troubles and joys
Get frozen in either our or other’s memory
A time stamp of times witnessed and lived
I witnessed a man outside an ATM booth
His hands in his pocket, face circumspect
What might be going on his mortal mind
The hours of work done and the remuneration
The cash in pocket and the apprehensions
Of unfathomable smiles or compassion
In the eyes of his near and dear ones
What might be going on in his mortal mind
The opportunities lost or the mends made
The receding smiles on his own face
Or the hollows in the hearts of family
That are bridged by worked up smiles
Or the sourness of needs and wants
Colliding to balance or to lure into stress
A moment frozen how heavy it becomes
Though when it arrives it’s all empty and benign
In a thoughtful and resolute and grateful gesture
I walk and walk and walk.


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