Poems by Atilla Elüstün / Translation by: Günsel Djemal – London


Poems by Atilla Elüstün



Melancholy Has Awaken Istanbul


– I –


with its black rebellious hair

eyes are laden

like one beautiful woman

the moon is looking from the hilltop

the sea has collected her glints

and towed away

verses are poem.


– II –


melancholy has awaken İstanbul i have asked the day.

she has hold back.

hurt/hangover tears are flowing from the

seven crested hills

the sea is sobbing

sorrowful sea-gulls are dancing semah like the whirling dervishes

the wind is in ache intensely on her skin…


– III –


if the trees are the gills of the world

the mountains are the rebels to the sky

the seas and the lakes are the written poems

knelt on her skirts

have a look at twilight time from the top

of the clouds and observe…

and stand on the arable fields look at the earth.


Poem by: Atilla Elüstün 09.04.2009 Bostancı-İstanbul

Translation by: Günsel Djemal – London




When beloved proceeds into grey green journey


Who knows in forty six years?

How many forty six

My eyes touched lightly to your shores Istanbul.


How many fort six steaming

Welcomed Bostanci station

With the rails symphony

Until Haydarpasa station


How many times do the people

Had to repeat the same journey



When there is a time for departure

What was the hurry?

Steep tea; buying the morning cracknel

And to enjoying a cigarette.


Instead of travelling

On the deck of Baris Mancho’s

Steam ships how many forty six…

Without breathing bolted down

The morsel greedy sea-gullsevery time


When journeying into grey blue

The quayside hand of the gunnels

Greeted the Kiz Kulesi

Fishing children at Sarayburnu

How many forty six in forty six years

Had to postpone my longing for

Arrack and fish at Galata Bridge.


Where I can set a self indulgent

Small table with arrack at Karakoy wharf

Without waiting to doc throwing

People jumping to the shore

Pell-mell scattering to the right and left

Out of breathe on the high pavement

To Beyoglu

Where is this hurry

Instead of taking a break

Appetizer at the Cicek Pasaj

Furthermore if you had met a friend

Why not let the memories

To accompany music

What is this hurry…?


Poem by: Atilla Elustun Bostanci 17/2/2009

Translation by: Gunsel Djemal




On the shores of my sea I am captive to you


my passion…your honey leaking eyes…

had left marks in my heart your cotton field palms

when I kissed inflamed my lips

your breath at the mild spring breeze…

and when the clouds were striking at your eye-brows

your laughter…

when the sea-gulls were flying on your lips

your skin…

without touching the wheat

your languorous walk

i missed you by my side

on the shores of my sea I am captive to you.


Poem by : Atilla Elüstün -Edirne 16/8/1998

Translation by : Günsel Djemal – London




One star had stolen my dream


clear water/in the night sky

the stars are falling

on me/…

i choose one

the smart moon is grinning

from the end of their shoulders

the clouds laid an ambush

i have torn the white veil

of the night/…

my star becomes the sun

i’m reaching out

my lips are frozen

my heart is shivering flame

i had ignited its wick

i…want my dream back

i seek shelter in mountains

i the fugitive/timid

my star becomes an island

i’m begging you fisherman


my star is drowning

questioning the sea and the sun/what?

i return to my night


and counting one by one

my star is missing

and my dream disappears

i’m looking for the clock

the hour hand and the minute hand don’t exist

i couldn’t care less about the time

and cross with myself

i wake-up to the new day

in one painted and decorated coffin

i…want my dream back.




Translation by: Günsel Djemal



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