Poems by Lily Swarn


Poems by Lily Swarn



Hill Monastery


It overflows

The mercury in my bleeding innards

It simmers

The fluid in my bubbling cauldron

It soars

The eagle in my flesh eating heart

It grapples

The soul with my fevered brain

It retreats

The heart inside the hill monastery


Copyright 16.8.2016





The pink of your carnations

Fought for fragrance

With the withering white

Of your torturous tube roses

Creamy chrysanthemums caught

Simpering sunlight streaming smoothly

Fern fronds fraught with fatigue

Wicket Violet  wisps whirling

Frothing flowers of fondness

Wrapped in wam wonder


Copyright Lily Swarn 16.8.2016



Poezi nga Juljana Mehmeti

  Poezi nga Juljana Mehmeti       Sytë…   Sytë flasin. qeshin, qajnë… Sytë… dashurojnë, urrejnë, përçmojnë… Sytë luten, dëshirojnë. Ndonjëherë… Fshihen.       Ekuilibër   Pothuaj e pamundur të mbash ekuilibrin e duhur… Hedhur në një botë … Continue reading