Juljana Mehmeti

Juljana Mehmeti   Autorja Juljana Mehmeti ka lindur në qytetin e Durrësit, në 29 tetor 1973. Qysh në moshë të herët u apasionua pas artit të shkruar, kryesisht poezisë, gjini që në vitet në vazhdim do e shndërronte në lajmotiv … Continue reading

Poem by Luz María López


luz maria lopes atunis foto

Poem by Luz María López




Just feeling…
I have met so many people
In a blessed ritual of stories real or maybe alternate
Sometimes hurt, like when death
Or the love!
Eyes so many that I never got to watch with mine own
But I see if they were in front of me
Eyes that I’ve kissed in prophecies written already
And I have felt equally the solitude of this immensity
Next to the beautiful in certain hearts
I don’t know… I don’t know….
I feel a celaje on my eyes
As if reading a book in which the protagonist from afar
Without saying a word, just watch
Because at the end of the day
He beats that everything is transient
And knowing it hurts more.
(because I am listening to music)



Poesie di Maria Cristina Sabella

Poesie di Maria Cristina Sabella     My dreams   ☆¸.✿.¸.•´ ¸.•´.-✿ ¯**´¯**´¯`˜”*°•.•.¸ღ¸☆   Racchiusa in una goccia di Sogni il mio viaggio nell’oceano della notte stellata, ha varcato confini incantati. Come un’ equilibrista a piedi nudi su soffici nuvole … Continue reading

IN PUNTA DI LIBRO……di Domenico Pisana. Le “ragnatele cremisi” e “il soffitto” della poetessa emiliana Claudio Piccinno tra etica e “tenerezza dell’anima”

IN PUNTA DI LIBRO……di Domenico Pisana. Le “ragnatele cremisi” e “il soffitto” della poetessa emiliana Claudio Piccinno tra etica e “tenerezza dell’anima”     CLAUDIA PICCINO http://www.radiortm.it/2016/08/24/in-punta-di-librodi-domenico-pisana-le-ragnatele-cremisi-e-il-soffitto-della-poetessa-emiliana-claudio-piccinno-tra-etica-e-tenerez/   L’approccio alla poesia di Claudia Piccino difficilmente lascia il lettore indifferente. L’itinerario … Continue reading

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu


tyran prizren spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu





Silence is what disgrace him ,
she, humbled looks nowhere,
a tear of drop falls, she is tired,
still requires hand arm to cheat.

Thin voice, loathing, mourners,
grill room, poisons the air,
I went wrong , will never again,
take me, judge me, do not leave me.

Hate raises, threatening the whore,
fist-coercion, eyes are blurred,
looks at the baby, it needs milk,
cursed you are, the blackmailed life.

Breathless, sweaty, convicted,
feelings strike him, kill the soul,
raising took the black sweater,
said , be damned woman, you anathema beast.

Quiet, lonely wandering the boulevards,
requiring accommodation the comforting soul,
down the road at the pub ecstasy,
under the bridge returned to magic of narcotics.

-early , at the down his soul surrounded –




(AD or A.D.) (BC or B.C.)



What are you doing in this foreign land,
where for bread is said bread, water is water,
see, Illyrians, Dardanians
we are called Albanians.

Lost you are, in this magic ,
be banished, killed,
go back to turning path,
or poisoned will be ,
if, reside under this sky.

When you realize the power of speech,
that Homeland, and Pellazg is one,
be brought down, seek salvation
now, go away from this blessed land.

These are words, more than soft,
sound decency in this paradise,
but listen to me,
need you know, here hell awaits.

Are gathered, they hear the alarm signal,
filled air with hate,
red and black lava boils in the chest,
today, they became one,

Taulanta, Adriana,
Dardans, Dalmatians, Albans,
Bells ringing, castles shaking,
worn are men,
lady females follow,
knights are,
in the epic journey,
covered is the sky
millions poisoned spears,
embodied in one ,
tough and strong echoes,
-keep hands far from the Kingdom of albanians-

note; Pellazg, Dardans, Dalmatians, Illirians, Dardanians , are Albanian tribes
red and black , albanian flag.





Madam as Men,
poison the time,
scholars of bargaining,
aggravated winning writers,
they, the perfumed friends.

Men as Madam
well dressed as being in medieval banquets,
heard are recital sound of cheering,
Instant quasi-intellectuals,
swindlers who propagate freedom.

To human halved values ,
men weaving in chambers,
Maiden dressed as men
lick spittle as hyenas .

No way,
for the moral sellers in casinos,
rich becomes in darkness,
catchers of unscrupulous power,
free style landed moderators.

narrow soul human who complain,
rebellious, half intellectual,
education lovers, tired from education,
door prizes subscribers …


tyran prizren spahiu


Poems by Lily Swarn


Poems by Lily Swarn





Shudder shrink

Into the confines

Of your innards


Grasp grapple

With the ghosts

Of your past


Wheeze whisper

Into the winds

Of your heart


Copyright Lily Swarn 24.8.2016





Gloat all you want

Puff up all you can

It’s not a life from which

you will emerge alive

Dead as a dodo

That’s what you’ll be

Talking the walk

Full of fluff

Like a pillow

fresh from the shop

Rolling like the stone

That gathers all the moss

Twirling moustaches

in throne like chairs

Talking down patronisingly

To the bewildered house maid


Never thinking of those who

Still carry refuse

Human excreta on their heads

It’s not the olden days

It’s here and  now

Look George Orwell

The rickshaw puller

Who still runs on

Kolkatta roads

Humans pulling humans

If only it was

just a nightmare


Learn to be thankful

I tell myself

As I choose from

A menu card in a

Disgustingly over priced

Eatery of repute

It could feed a whole family

Of the cobbler down the street

Yet I slurped at my feast

Looked around with a

superior stance for I

Had just struck off

This place from my

Greedily bulging

Wish list .


Copyright Lily Swarn 23.8.2016