Poems by Lily Swarn


Poems by Lily Swarn





Shudder shrink

Into the confines

Of your innards


Grasp grapple

With the ghosts

Of your past


Wheeze whisper

Into the winds

Of your heart


Copyright Lily Swarn 24.8.2016





Gloat all you want

Puff up all you can

It’s not a life from which

you will emerge alive

Dead as a dodo

That’s what you’ll be

Talking the walk

Full of fluff

Like a pillow

fresh from the shop

Rolling like the stone

That gathers all the moss

Twirling moustaches

in throne like chairs

Talking down patronisingly

To the bewildered house maid


Never thinking of those who

Still carry refuse

Human excreta on their heads

It’s not the olden days

It’s here and  now

Look George Orwell

The rickshaw puller

Who still runs on

Kolkatta roads

Humans pulling humans

If only it was

just a nightmare


Learn to be thankful

I tell myself

As I choose from

A menu card in a

Disgustingly over priced

Eatery of repute

It could feed a whole family

Of the cobbler down the street

Yet I slurped at my feast

Looked around with a

superior stance for I

Had just struck off

This place from my

Greedily bulging

Wish list .


Copyright Lily Swarn 23.8.2016




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