Poems by SWANSH


Poems by SWANSH



If Something Happens


Walking and thinking while walking
Permeates nothing in life in futile
I contemplate I being a poet
I shall write something on today

Somewhere an earthquake strikes
Somewhere an accident happens
Somewhere some victims resign
Somewhere some family in distress

I shall capture their feelings and emotions
And use my repertoire of vocabulary
To express them so that I can share my thoughts
With the world that is still suffering and rejoicing

I am a Doctor and I shall treat the patients
I am an engineer and I shall rebuild structures
I am a financier and I shall finance inspiration
I am a priest and I shall pray for the destitute

I contemplate and pray to the almighty
Is there a way we do all of this in advance
Before something untoward happens
Can we do something to really prevent

Of what use it is to supplicate in aftermath
When we could not do something to evade
Is life too a barren land needing harvesting
Is life too a business engrossed in bartering

Oh my thoughts become perplexed at my timidity
Of comparing such mundane life with all the glitter
That lures us and sedates us from our focus
On the things to do now before something happens

In thoughtful awakening from my dreams
I walk and think while walking towards life



In Insignificance lies Unity


In the vast universe that we breathe
What is our physical significance?
A speck of dust we are yet wish to be aloof
A squint of an eye is our life on earth
And we contemplate immortality
Our deeds are minuscule for him
Showcasing the magnificent universe
Irrespective of the beliefs we follow
What remains constant is insignificance
What remains of value is surrender
What remains to pursue is unity
What remains our purpose is love
What remains in store is unknown
Whatever remains to BE is but Love
When we understand this and live
We do not become a cause of a ripple
For in such serenity the unity is divine.



The Bleeding Juggle


Wherever the gaze goes in the vastness
The mind becomes restless in juggle
Juggle of words to relate and grasp
Grasp the totality of the life therein
Therein lies the locked up doors
Doors that hold miniature eternity
Eternity seeping through since ages
Ages that are engrossed and etched
Etched with footprints of emotions
Emotions that belie the feelings
Feelings of timeless spontaneity
Spontaneity that finds its space
Space among the path of life
Life that is preordained yet juggled
Juggled with could be, should be
Be or not, happy or gloom, it goes on
On the journey of experiences galore
Galore are the words to express
Express all that is and not without
Without the surreptitious blessings
Blessings that cannot be juggled.


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