susan roberts



Argentine Contemporary Poet, Writer and Translator, dedicated to the Culture of Peace.

Place of living: Patagonia Argentina.

Dr. Litt Honoris Causa(World Academy of Arts and Culture .Ca .EEUU).

Her activity declared of Cultural Interest by the Government of the province of Chubut-Patagonia Argentina- Awarded at the Women’s Day 03/08/2013, by her dedication to Literature and trajectory and By Deputy of Trelew-Chubut International Day of women 03708/2016.  Vice Dir. IFLAC, Ong, (International Forum of Literature and Culture for Peace) in Argentina and Latin America. Ambassador of Peace, by Mil millennia and Pea organizations-(Unesco-Unicef) in the Senate of Argentine Nation. Member of Global Harmony Association, Member Ethical Ecological World Assembly, Member Presidium World Forum Spiritual Culture-Kazakhstan, Ambassador in Argentina “The Love Foundation” org, Universal Peace Ambassador-Circle Ambassadors Geneve-Suisse. Distinguished Guest in many Latin American countries, also in Spain, Mexico, and Peru. Honored to the trajectory by  ASOLAPO, Member of the International Society of European and Latin American writers (SELAE). International publications in literary journals, magazines, web pages and Participation in several Nationals, Internationals and World Anthologies and Congresses. Many National Awards SADE (Argentinian Society of Writers), 1st International Prize -WAAC WCP-Peru 2014. 1st prize in translation by Poetry Institute of Translation Research Centre-China. Many Publications and bilingual books, Books: “Face/faces”-“El Vuelo del Ave/The flight bird” “Arte y Virtud en la evolución Humana/Art and Virtue in human evolution.






El vuelo del ave








Arte Y Virtyd




Arte Et Verty



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