GGOLDEN SANDS / Poem by Saraswati Poswal


Poem by Saraswati Poswal





Golden sand glittering in sky..

We can visualize the visuality..

The eyes within the sight…

Makes absconding roads…

In the blunders and tycoons..

Metamorphoses or sediments…

Break in creeping winds..

Blows all the

Galvanise your thoughts…

Hold them tight..

What comes glittering might blow or thrash all in one sight..

Bewild the scope of your goal..

Watching the tree..

Which stands errect..

Even if the wind is wild..

If vision is clear in sight…

Will reach the destination..

May take long..

But keep each step…

With vigorous and exorbiant junctures..

Giant junctures can wobble the winds..

Golden sediments can not break as you enter …

They diverse and cannot take you in curse…

The composition vanishes…

Many walked you are not only the one.


@Saraswati Poswal





Saraswati Poswal


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