WASH ALL THE SINS / Poem by Saraswati Poswal


Poem by Saraswati Poswal






Smiles on your face…

Makes me glaze..

You are my heart beat…

Seldom fall of rolling drops…

Make me crazy..

You are the wisdom…

You are my strength..

Cant watch you sypmpathising..

Me for a small chores…

I saw you like a rock..

Cant see you in a piss…

Make me conceited..

Submission of all your griefs..

Will help you reduce the piss..

All woods watching at you..

They can not see your grief..

Falling from the trees..

Leaves also came to give…

You some ease…

You get the please..


When your beloved…

Gives you treat..

Trust you with a belief..

Do not shed your tears..

They are expensive fliths…

These are the pearls..

Keep them safe in eyes lid..

To hydrate them and to wash all his sins.


@Saraswati Poswal





Saraswati Poswal


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