Dr. Jernail S. ANAND


jernail S Anand

Dr. Jernail S. ANAND 


English Author and Critic


Dr J.S. Anand is internationally acclaimed scholar, poet, educationist, environmentalist, philosopher and spiritualist. He is Ambassador to World Union of Poets, Italy, and Secretary General of the World Parliament of Literature. He was recently decorated with Cross for Peace and Cross for Literature also. He was also honoured  with Dr. Mohinder Singh Randhawa Award for Promotion of Art and Culture of Punjab in 2013.  Born in 1955 at Alamgir [Distt. Ludhiana, Punjab, India], he hails from Longowal [Distt. Sangrur, Punjab]. He graduated from Govt. College, Ludhiana, and earned his Masters in English Literature from Punjabi University, Patiala. Thereafter, he was conferred the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Panjab University, Chandigarh in 2000 for his work on Mysticism in the poetry of Walt Whitman and Prof. Puran Singh. Dr Anand has taught English for 35 years and retired recently from the position of Principal after putting in more than ten years service in this challenging position at DAV College, Bathinda. Dr Anand has authored more than  35 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and spirituality. He has also compiled two international anthologies of English poetry as Chief Editor of Creative Impulse: International Journal of English Poetry and Research. He has introduced several Indian poets to the literary world. He is also co-founder and co-Chairperson of World Foundation for Peace and National Vice-President of International Human Rights Observatory (2013-15).  He has also been a Member of the Senate and Syndicate of Punjabi University, Patiala, and Member, Board of Studies, of Guru Kashi University, Bathinda.

Dr Anand’s work became visible to the world when an Iranian scholar, Dr. Roghayeh Farsi from Neyshabur University, Iran,  picked up his seminal article Creative Consciousness [his theory of Biotext]and published two articles dilating on his theory of Biotext bringing into discussion such international figures as Homi Bhabha, Bakhtin and Deleuze. This theory  has challenged the already held positions in the interpretation of the literary text. His book Creative Consciousness contains his articles on poetic creation and creative art which are original in conception and make a lasting contribution to critical theory. It is worth note that Dr. Anand’s work ‘Bliss: the Ultimate Magic’ has been translated into Persian, by Prof. Nargues Mohammadi, an Iranian scholar and published under the title: In Search of Lost Peace and another work, ‘I Belong to You’ is also ready to get into print in Tehran. His literary biographer Dr. Roghayeh Farsi in an article has compared ‘Bliss’ to Khalil Gibran’s  ‘The Prophet’. Dr. Farsi and her colleagues are now working on his recent poetic work ‘Voices from Eternity—The Ganges and the Nile in Converse’ in which he shares the turf with Egyptian poet and philosopher, George Onsy. Dr Anand is now working with Dr. Maria Miraglia on a joint publication of English and Italian poetry entitled ‘Whispers from the Blue’ and bringing out an International Anthology of Indo-Nigerian Poetry as well. Dr. Anand is also Chairman of the International Citizens Council and is writing a book on Political Culture.  A book on J.S. Anand’s Theory of Biotext and Critical Perspectives on his Poetic and Spiritual Creed by Dr. Roghayeh Farsi has been recently published.  He was President of the Jury to award the WORLD UNION OF POET’S PRIZE 2016 in April, 2016.

Dr. Anand’s poetry has great fan following and friend run into rapture while describing him. Here is a poem by Ade Caparas Manilah, his contemporary from Australia, who has said everthing about him in this brief poetic note:



“AN ODE” to Dr Jernail S. Anand


giant waves roll rolling roll over and over
in the vastness of an ocean so proud of its strength
man of great brilliance whose intellect and wisdom
honesty integrity philosophy so much beyond compare!

gentle in character a disciplined temper beyond reproach
a man with a golden shine that lend glories to sprouting seeds
yes ahhhhhhhh… you are you are… Dr Jernail S Anand
the pride of India, a would be pride of the whole world!

to you and only you, i give my salute, Sir, you stand
you are an outstanding teacher and i, an eager student
will forever be indebted on your willingness to share
the brain the mind the soul of your outstanding spirit!

my very sincere
to a role model
of the 21st century
may we have
many many more
of you!


by: _ade c.
monday 6:24am 13 june 2016
sydney nsw australia





INNOVATED the concept of BIOTEXT in Literary Theory which is a hot topic in critical circles.


Represented India at the Kibatek 39 Poetry Festival organized by the Pablo Naruda Literary Association, Taranto, Italy in Feb. 2016.









Awarded Dr M S Randhawa Award for Promotion of Art & Culture

of Punjab Conferred by Prof. Mohan Singh Memorial

International Foundation.


Recipient of Best Educationalist Award 2008 for the outstanding

achievements in academics by National and International

Compendium, New Delhi.


Recipient of International Education Excellence Award 2006 for

the significant contribution in academics by International

Business Productivity Forum, New Delhi.


Recipient of Penguin Rising Personalities of India Award 2009

for the significant contribution in academics by International

Penguin Publishing House, New Delhi.


Recipient of Poet of the Year Award 2008 by Punjabi Vichar Manch

for Punjabi book ‘Khilrada Sangrah.’


Honoured by International News Portal: Punjabinewsonline.com.

Honoured by Arya Samaj, Bathinda





DR. Jernail S. ANAND 






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14328881_1182434581807700_242542929_n  14330977_1182434478474377_1051928278_n  14341566_1182434645141027_1679933233_n  14329065_1182434251807733_2004766884_n









Most of the immortal poets have talked about the originals of their poetic creations. I am also tempted to make a few observations in this connection, although I like my mortality.

I believe that poetry is an inspired creation, and its subjects are sublime. It deals with life, death, joy, pain, and a thousand emotions falling in between. Such poetry is just like downloading if from above, some unknown source. We can call it the kit of imagination, where the best words are used to express the emotions created in the attendance of the fire of imagination. All the words, patterns, images oblige you, as they are waiting by, and at the slightest request, appear in patterns to give expression to the idea which is being churned in the mind of the poet. Here, it is the idea which is in direct link with the creative complexes and both provide a new shape to myriad experiences and part experiences, which are in attendance at that moment of time. What is created at a particular moment does not wait for the other moment, because, to wait is to lose, the eternal flow from above, straight from the Muse. This has been my experience with poetic creation. It may be very close to what William Wordsworth said: “spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling”. But he did not mention that its origin is in the divine mansions of the mind, where the Muse holds its court. There are so many people who cannot hold their emotions and blurt it out. It may or may not be poetry.

I also feel that human consciousness is in a flow, scene gets connected to the scene, word gets attached to the word, feelings in a relay race, hold on to feeling after feeling. It is a fluid procession. Our perceptions are also poetic. Because, they are embedded in emotions. We are emotional beings. Even if we do not write poetry. But when we turn eloquent, and even when we hurl abuse, it is poetry. Poetry is man’s first language, and most preferred. Prose is a distorted and troubled version of poetry, a hardboiled, rendering of feelings, mixed [if not polluted] with ideas. Movement is poetry. Staying is stagnating. Prose is close to staying. Poetry adds wheels to the discourse. Prose is dry. Discourse in prose brings is an intellectual activity, born of mind, and argument; whereas poetry is conceived in inbuilt logic; anyone can write prose; but not everyone can attempt poetry; because, in poetry, ill said things kill said things;

our ordinary lines have the power to turn into poetic expressions. Only they are to be charged with a context. Our ordinary actions have the power to turn into poetic events; only they have to be charged with a context, a vision.

we can extend the idea to image: from abstract to the base

In our daily discourse, there are some moments which are poetic and sometimes, what we speak is so charged with inner impulsive push that it achieves the fast movement of a poetic expression. Our ordinary lines too have the power to turn into poetic expressions, only they are to be charged with a context. In the same way, our ordinary actions have the power to turn into poetic events; only they have to be charged with a vision.

Poetry is born out of a grain of truth. Most of it is fiction. The real and the unreal are in a strange mix. What the poet says is a momentous oracular truth. The poem has its own irrevocable logic. It grows like a seed into a tree. No body can fix its form. I don’t think poetry can be written by giving a title. It is abnormal and reverse growth. Poetry is written and after writing a poem, looking at what it says, a suitable title can be assigned. The reason being that the writer does not know what the poem is going to be, and what it is going to say; because the words come from the unknown and get settled on the lines. No poet has a dictionary of words ready with him. No pre arranged set of thoughts can be made to supply these words and these ideas. Poetry is a set of images selected automatically at the time of creation, and it is the poet’s vision, blended with his imagination, which architects the poem.

Binding the poetry in meter, I know masters have done it, is playing with the internal upsurge of the poetic feeling. Catching it in one’s hand, and then, rearranging it to suit a particular meter, brings the poetic emotion and creative moment to a secondary station; form being more important than the poetry itself. Is body more important than the soul? Who works in a body? I think it is the mind. The soul. These are more important. Putting every care on the body and giving it primary important is playing with the charm and joy of the poetic creation.

Real poetry belongs to the ideas of life and death, pain and joy, angst and ecstasy. In between, there are a thousand emotions which find expression in poetry. Poetry which is written for occasions and on demand, is poetic prose only, charged with artificial emotion. An ordered manufacture. For that reason, I also find poetry which is made to rhyme by altering the word order, is also hardly a poetic act. We are tampering with the poetic emotion.

Poet is a prophet at whose command lie the divine order, in whose possession are the instruments of gods. The poet reads the text of society, feels its angst, and then, transforms the pain into a work of art, which ultimately gives joy, when read reread and read again and again down the ages. Poetry that lives beyond words, and beyond time, is the poetry which springs from human soul, which approaches the soul at the other end. In between, we have nothing but a river of mortality, poetic prose, passing for poetry.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Jernail S. ANAND

  1. Wonderful Poetic Creativity! … Dr J S Anand is a blessed poet and critic of our times. Perhaps, he is the only poet-critic, who catches the heartbeats of readers all over the world. His “Bliss” is the masterpiece on human sense and sensibility.

  2. We r proud of you Dr. Anand. I feel surprised how you could accomplish so much in the field of Literature. You deserve all the honours and awards. Congratulations.
    You might have been a source of inspiration to your students,I am sure.

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