Poems by Lily Swarn

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Poems by Lily Swarn





Trembling on the edge

Of a fathomless well

Tottering on stilettos

Pointed like your barbs

Holding my breath

In ravenous gulps

As you enunciate

My name with love

Shading your heart


Copyright Lily Swarn 15.9.2016





You let me whisper to the breeze

The lost music of my soul

You let me strum on your violin

The last aria of my heart

You let me caress the fern fronds

That brushed on my parched lips

You let me soak in the rain

That drizzled on my waltzing toes

You let me drench in the perfume

That scented my wandering eyes

You let me soar in the clouds

That lifted up my sagging spirits

You let me pray on bended knees

That love infused hymn of grace .


Copyright Lily Swarn 13.9.2016





Race with me

From  the greenest conifer

Atop the steepest peek

To the lake

Still as death on a stretcher

Calm as lull before the storm

Hold my hand

In a vice like grip of temptation

Clamped with tenacious claws

Embrace me light

As whiff of incense from temples

Suffused with gleaming moonlight

Caress my head

With hands of careworn concern

Awash with glances  of smiles


Copyright Lily Swarn 14.9.2016



One thought on “Poems by Lily Swarn

  1. Congratulations for Fathomless,, You Let me and Awas…

    I have No adjective for your poems….
    My Name with love
    Shading your Heart ……
    So beautiful…

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