Poems by Opal Ingram


Poems by Opal Ingram



He Undress My Mind


I close my eyes
He touch my face
We stood below the
Sunset , It was like
He enter into my soul
He held me close,
I put my hand Into
His, It felt warm against
My skin. “My mind felt
Bare, he undress my mind.
I felt lit, I fell into a passage
Of my inner thoughts, he led me
Into his aura It tune my senses
We connected soul to soul.
I fell Into his heart he undress
My mind.


Poem – He Undress My Mind
Written By – O/I (c)
aka- Poetress Mystic
@ Opal Expressions Poetry



With A eye to be held


She stood with her head In a stare.
With a eye to be held ,
A image silently
Against the wind`
The gentle wind
Move slowly against
Her shoulders`
The air felt warm and gentle.
Just like a whisper.
Into the night the moon
Stood still.
The air gently caress her
She stood in a stare,
Her thoughts were lively and tender,
With a eye to be held.


Poem- With A eye to be held
Written By – O/I (c)
aka- Poetress Mystic
@ Opal Expressions Poetry





On a early morning day
My Inner temperature

I sat and stare at you

It arouse my attention
To the full

It put me In to
A level of passion
My day felt at ease
I glare at the
Sunset It had
A glow with
The light.
Fell Into
A trance.

With such A


Written By – Opal Ingram (c)



Nature View


A color blue over looking the sun,

A peace like no other  in a gentle way

A glimpse of energy in its view  a piece still `

Where the branches  stood

Bare and tall ,

Nature define in a view clear as day`

A glance into nature


I felt a breeze  it share a cloud the breeze stay in the moment ,

As the clouds gather  the rain began to fall  , I felt it against my


A peace like no other ,  I stood with my mind at ease a glimpse

Of energy still.


Written By – Opal Ingram (c)




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