Poems by Opal Ingram


Poems by Opal Ingram



My Turning Point


My Turning Point
Came Perhaps
When I seen the Light
The Light of a Open
A Door Open and it
Read Faith, My Turning
Point The door I always
Hope for it was perhaps
A time for my Essence
A plate of Gratitude
With Humility My
Turning Point.


©all rights reserved
written by Opal Ingram
April /9/2014



Time Collectively


Illusion reservations clarity energy of
the heart flow the beauty of life, the
embracing of the world calm, after
the storms a reflection of thyself
calm at its stillness, god within my
soul’ the essence of experience’s
the beauty of life, the journey within
energy of the heart flow, time collectively.


Writer/0pal Ingram

0pal Mystic

@Opal Expressions


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