Poems by Deepa Chandran Ram


Poems by Deepa Chandran Ram





Awaken in the twilight…

to that stupendous journey

of a caterpillar to a butterfly..

the joy of just being..

Its muddle headed musings

stoical and intrepid

flambeau in the rain shadow

of a trapeze rachilla….


The twit in its trench mouth

unseats an ebullient waul

The deleterious pansophy

unwary and weedy

capitulates to a waterhole..


The humble bees

on enervated, raw Sienne flowers

mumble to the caterpillar’s ears

in hush resonance..


“Resplendent is your masquerade

sterling, lustrous,

sovereignly gracious,

argentate to aurate..

But your inner beauty,

audacious by desire

on countless glory

and on whom paragon awaits,

is for the earth’s eye

beyond all reverence…


trumpet forth,

your blue melancholy

from this transoceanic camouflage..

Emerge as a Protean

with a Sphinx smile,

with wisdom, umpteen

and mind, mercurial..

Too succinct is your life,

to reach effulgent distances

through labyrinthine paths..

But this moment, all yours,

is the divine nectar for your being…



© Deepa Chandran Ram 2016



Murky Carnations


Twilight negotiates

with the stodgy day’s patronage..

My murky variegated carnations

outstretch its insipid verses

into the wilderness,

where my tears drag me to encompass yours,

enthralling us

into a naked collision…

There you creep in as a libretto

into my timorous ruby,

alloyed by abstract rainbow hues…

You witness

the soliloquy of my grilled heart

being baptised

by the humid smoke of yonder years…

Your quivering passionate penance,

hymns for the footless ants

marching all over me..

As I watch a thousand rising stars

spilled as fireflies in your eyes,

I lurk in their fiery shadows,

and the night collapse as my reason to stay….


© Deepa Chandran Ram 2016



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