Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat



Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat



My Death is on The Edge…

(open to all respectful comments and critiques)


Today is your birthday, therefore I knew that my death
Is on the edge of my joyless life, with cold hands missing yours.

I light candles on in my room, without a cake but a silent
A picture of you with me, with soul yearns the memories we had.

We both believed in every word we said, at every lip
Kiss we kissed, but our religions didn’t believe in our love together.

When Romeo loved Juliet, they believed in their true love,
So we unfortunately did the same, in the time of endless of depression.

The last time, I saw you with tears pouring down my eyes,
It was right there, I found out that my heart been thirsty to see you close.

I wrote your name on the wall of my imagination, and draw
You in between my breathing, my feelings are pushing my heart to beat.

So much grief, I have of still loving you, I wrote one ode of
You, therefore the world will know of our journey that ended in one dream.

We didn’t see that dream, but surely I have made my choice
To get my soul to the graveyard, therefore you could visit me in your dreams.



Breathless Cuddle (Prose Poem)

(open to all respectful comments and critiques)


Yesterday, In the same time I opened my glass to you,
And you were the first man that I smile with pure love.

Do you know how much it’s worth to touch your face,
Touching your mustache with my hands who adopted

The enjoyment of hearing your voice that rhymes with
My heart beats like a song of God blessing our marriage.

They said that you are a romantic lover and mostly poet,
So many times I controlled my emotions of not weeping.

Even the night wasn’t a little darker, but it was the warmest,
I breathe in his air, and so he draws my soul on his own heart.

The tears run the raining clouds during the summer,
You smile as if the war will end, and you know that I miss you.

If you really loved me, why you went to fight against terrorism,
Instead of sharing a bit of romance or throw me in your spring.

Every inch of your skin arose my feelings and emotions towards
The encouragement to accept that you will be back as the winner.

I look in your eyes now, I touch your hands now and nothing reacts
You are dipped in your blood, in a wooden box without a little hope.

I walk with tears falling down my cheeks, even when you dried mine
Grievances and taught me to cry with joyful tears of watching me.

In my prayers, and in my memories are no words can explain why
I still love you, you know that I didn’t go the days of your funeral.

Although I have to admit that I am feeling breathless cuddle with
A man who was my husband for one night and a knight forever.

I am wearing black, just to remind myself of the darkness of you,
Where you kissed my forehead, I listened to your romantic poems.

I had to be the luckiest past wife and present widow of young age,
To fall in a relationship with a dead husband and martyr of the country.



Note: this poem, it’s about a woman describing her love
With her dead beloved husband, who went to war and die alone.



First Day of Autumn

(open to all respectful comments and critiques)
First day of autumn and we are together,
I wish if I turn this season into myself to you.

Where I could be yours forever and always,
I have to be the colourful leaves in your eyes.

When you open them slowly to the morning,
I see the rainbow of happiness to be in your life.

The raining clouds are dropping warm hopes,
That would bring us closer than being apart now.

The golden coins and the fancy dress and car,
It haven’t been my attention to ask you for a date.

The autumn might witness my death anytime,
Your love can avoid death from giving me cancer.

If you will weep for me then do it in my dreams,
So in reality, I see your smile before walking to work.

The trees and the leaves are falling apart and now
They are strangers, like your fairness and my homeliness.

Just remember my average house will be always here,
In case if you miss another night of wordless pleasures.

First day of autumn, and God bless my wishes to come
True now, I am holding your spring flowers to love you.



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