Poems by Lily Swarn


Poems by Lily Swarn







The pitch dark night

Groans and whimpers

Like a wounded puppy


The ferocious wind

Wails and  shrieks

Like a demented banshee


The silvery moonlight

Enchants and seduces

Like a kimonoed  geisha


The rapturous heart

Somersaults and cartwheels

Like Shakespeare’s clown


Your aura beckons

Voluptuous and inviting

Like a temple carving


Copyright Lily Swarn 29.9.2016




Blushing gold


It went on as usual

This whole business of living

Diesel guzzling automations

Exhuming abominations

Noxious fumes of death


While all this time

The trees changed their attire

Clad in flaming shades of fire

They stood looking on

the last rites of mankind


The leaves were flushed

Red in the autumn Sun rays

Hints of ire blazing their cheeks

Shyly blushing in rouge splashes

Waiting patiently for the final breeze !


Copyright Lily Swarn 28.9.2016



lily 1

Lily Swarn



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