Poems by Teresinka Pereira – President of IWA

Teresinka Pereira

Poems by Teresinka Pereira

 President  of IWA





Instead of lamenting

let’s liberate ourselves

celebrating the triumph

of poetry,

of the essential word

with eternal life.

It is possible the dialogue

inside the human being,

with answers

in confirmation

that we are






We have seen that

Obama is capable of it all,

even to be the most important

president of the world (…?…)

However it is difficult to believe

he would be able to invade Mars,

one of the friendly planets

towards Earth.

What would be he looking for?

A god with big eyes

as a macho without pants?

By the photo I saw, the Martian

seemed to give him

all of the attention he could

ever receive from the Earthlings!



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