Poems by Aziza Dahdouh


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Poems by Aziza Dahdouh



A message to myself


I won’t let you change me
I will walk till I find my way
I will talk till I convince myself
I will cherish my heart till it
Listens to my mind
I will sing to my soul the
Best song
I will go with myself for
a long walk along those fields
I will ride those unicorns
That reside in my imagination
we will cross the universe
I will reach the highest sky
and come back To earth
I will feed the doves and
set them free
I will send a message to my


”Never be harsh, keep your
Original copy ‘







He gazed at me for a while
Then ceased playing his tune
He played another one
My heart’s favourite tune
Soon my tears fell down
As heavy as the rain
I wiped them while
running away
Between me and myself
I wondered whether
My story was written on my face!!


He has read one of my poems!!




I am a nomad


I traveled and traveled
And from the journey
I learned
wearing black
Is not a choice
But a natural necessity
Feeling thirsty,
No fountains ahead
But a mirage
Only one fountain
The one Within me
I drink and thank God.





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