Poemas de Maria Cerminara

Poemas de Maria Cerminara






Tierno y simple corazón solitario

Dónde estás durante las noches

Solo se que te iluminas con ternura

Será por tu sentir encantas al amor.


Corazón de dulces recuerdos y

maravillosos momentos vividos

Cuando vuelvas a buscar un amor

solo sabes que eres puro y sensible .


Eso es sólo lo que ha quedado del día

Ahora al anochecer sigue tu luz brillante esperando

un nuevo amanecer donde te puedas alimentar

para seguir así brillando y encantando otro dulce amor .





Lonely Moon


Moon of unforgettable nights

Only you know of my existence

Only you are witness of my sorrow

Only you understand what I’ve seen

And in my suffering, you come with me.

Moon that night these present

Because they don’t know your virtues

Fall in love with your glow to the lovers

You’re the reason of nostalgia

Where to take refuge in your light

To remember past loves.

Beautiful moon and pure and with your charm

You get the most wonderful nights

Sweets for the eternal lovers

Who want to catch up with you always.

Splendid Moon never stop shine

Because your feeding the love

Das Shine to the sad night

To accompany the lonely

In their long nights

Until your new dawn.




 Maria Cerminara


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