Poems by Lily Swarn


Poems by Lily Swarn



Skipping Rope


Skip the rope of life


Don’t forget to jump


The two feet joining

The shrill heart pounding

Rubbing shoulders with

Rabid dogs barking senselessly

Catch the falling star and make

Him your slave for life

Do not let him dictate your existence

Take a deep breath and kick the ball

That wooden lump of lard throttling

Your racing dreams

Crush that dark grey cloud

Hovering above your horizons

Depleting your life force with

Gracious charm

Come, embrace the negative forces

And be thankful for your sunny sack of

Pure glee glittering in its own luminosity ,



Copyright Lily Swarn 17.11.2016






Gold heaps


When you let your burnished shoulders

Show from beneath your golden robe

The universe gasps in admiration

Holding its hands on its gaping mouth

The strip tease is not on the dramatic stage under the arc lights

It is a hushed affair

Clothes falling softly to the floor

In a feathery heap of gold

The autumnal hued garden applauds

The sensuous notes of this symphony .


Copyright Lily Swarn 15.11. 2016



One thought on “Poems by Lily Swarn

  1. Skipping ropes

    Twisted and colourful
    If you miss throw you will miss your step
    If you miss your step you will miss your throw
    If elongated you have time to jump
    If short you might have to jump fast
    If coily and curly you get entangled
    If you play doubles you should be more attentive
    If you drop your throw you will fail
    If you pull fast the other will fall behind
    Skipping rope requires lot skills
    Be very care full in playing your life’s
    Skipping RopesOtherwise they can become your hanging ropes too these varied colourful swingungly played

    Skipping Ropes

    Raghunath kalyanamoorthy

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