GLASS SHIP – Tatjana Debeljacki / The Second Prize ” Frang Bardhi-2016″


Poems by Tatjana Debeljacki





To accept your swollen shame,

Illusory reputation,

Formal tradition,

Unstable knowledge,

Unclear facts of non-planned defeat,

accelerating presence – dilatory past,

Missed call,

Fuzzy thought,

An essay from the times of fire and volcanoes,

Shrinking size and

Enlarging significance…

To sail in on the glass ship!

With chipped memory,

Followed by music.

To pick up the fruit of inspiration.

Legend about rituals during festivity of leaving homeland!

To cry without emotional illusion and unstable memory!

To sail on by the glass ship,

To exchange divine dreams with dignity!

To intoxicate with the sides of the world which are going to occur…

To be the victim of the short century!

And not to experience a half of the pleasure.

The flowers are opening their petals craving for nostrils.

With the imposed stability

We left the small trails on the roads of life.

Maybe we could revive in some descendant!

Optimism gives strength to persisting knowledge.

Patience leads to taking offence.

The day of new faiths is rising!

Eyes made of glass craving to glow.

Evaporating scent of the urinated hourglass.

Flash of the jewelry is mocking human greed.

Handmade items are not based on simplicity

Of inner happiness, but the treasure of truth.

To water the tree of life with laughter!

By exalted content, the poem made of glass

Will cruise together with the sailor of the glass ship

To the bay on the other side.

Glass woman is sailing across the crystal sea!



tatjana -2

Tatjana Debeljacki


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