ABYSS / Poem by Michela Zanarella


Michela Zanarella is the author of poetry, fiction, and plays. Born in Cittadella, Michela lives and works in Rome, where she carries out her work in collaboration with various journals on the web. She has published 13 books of poetry, and she has received several national and international awards. Her poetry has been translated into Spanish, Romanian, French, English and Arabic.



Centimeters of light


at the center of the earth

the imprint of different worlds.

Inside a trip

of centuries

nothing breaks.

Advances the wild scream

of freedom.

It knows of sea and fire

speaks the language of the wind

He doesn’ t know end

smells of sublime.

Elements pulsate

in depth

closed in a fertile dream.

I am behind the hour,

I make up my face with the reason

I comfort myself by religion

I attend reality

in front of the mirror.

Thousand souls

sweat the identity,

only one has my name

and filter walls

drawing my being.


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