Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat



The ink inside the blind pen is dry more than usually.
The eyes are dropping out of the army of tears of joy.

The self body is drunk by your fully God creations.
The soul is describing your beauty like the tailor do.

The mouth is speechless to say any of my wording.
Drinking from water fountain is like kissing your lips.

Color me of your love, life have stolen my colors.
Paint me with your eyelashes, so dreams fit within.

Writing about you, change the moves of the universe.
So, the stars can be shinier than the sun and the moon.




I always seek for one love,
From the hands of women,
To hold it more responsible,
With your hands upon mine.

We find the map we need it,
With directions to one gate,
Without soldiers nor locks,
Open the gate of my heart.

He is humble and believer,
He beats if you shine joys,
He beats if you arise miracles,
Because of him I love you.

If you ever walk away now,
He becomes my refuge heart,
Leaving me by cups of tears,
Breathless and wordless man.

You think of your future alone,
It’s awesome but do not ignore
My refuge heart coming over,
Drunk and one miserable poet.

Come with him before its over,
Life its short to think lots of times,
Come back to my house with him,
So I will be happy to kiss you live.

In front of all lovers and haters,
And kiss you until my tears dry,
Let’s create a new map for us,
For our love after our marriage.




Tonight I will fly with a beautiful angel,
If you know that I am talking about you,
I am spending the new year eve by you.
like a candle facing the death of firework.

Tonight we go on the trip of the night
And tales of the day it will be greatest,
To travel from your eyes and rest words,
Above the sweetness of your colorful lips.

Do not count the countdown anymore,
Shut the television off for all the night,
Clean the dust off radio to play old tape,
Let’s dance tighter and warming closer.

Let my eyes talk to yours very calm,
It helps the spirits to get really drunk,
Without liquors but with drinking love,
To pour feelings and emotions with ice.

Give one moister kiss on my lips now,
So I wet my wounds and darkness to
Melt them into one star of nightmares,
And raise new beats for a reborn heart.

Give another moister kiss on my lips,
After twelve in the morning so I could
Be your lover of your lips kiss that I see
The heaven under your two bare foots.


Those are on my list of fantasies tonight,
Smile and moan like a bee sucking of rose,
In bed we will do yoga in a deeper level,
You and I will sweat so much that we kiss.

Our ages aren’t close to each others self,
I don’t judge because a woman shouldn’t
Be judge by any men, only to the believers
Of Adam and Steve and always ignore Eve.

Sometimes the pleasure moves show odd
Results between you and me, nobody will
Know the taste I had kept on my tongue of
Kissing and sucking from your lips to toe.



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