Poems by Maria Miraglia

maria miraglia

Poems by Maria Miraglia



Smiling he goes
riding dreams
capturing emotions
and of people their feelings
stardust his words
that light the way
to writers and poets
his fondness for art
resounds as an echo
through surf and turf
and made of him
of Visual Poetry
the unquestioned Father
in love with life
on its nectar he feeds
his friendship envelops
as light in the morning
his enthusiasm overwelms
like the waves of the sea
when the sea is rough
any place he is
any man he meets
his eyes’ll say
he is your friend.

@Maria Miraglia



Intrigued and fascinated
by my inner world
my feelings, my emotions
I feel them rise
don’t know where
go along paths unknown
and stay in me
on permanent basis
till don’t decide
to go their way
Strong emotions
of wonder and surprise
that make me see
the world painted of blue
But also of pain
i can’t chase away
they are there
and me patient
have to wait
they fade away

By Maria Miraglia


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