Poems by Sarswati Poswal


Poems by Sarswati Poswal



Poetry is summary of junctures of poet’s mind..
Its a beautiful presentation from poet’s heart in words..
Poetry is not always the presentation of facts and all.
It can be fantasy flow of portrait drawn by poet..
It can fetch others from the experiences of life, nature moral values presented for society..
It is not a gadget or source of entairtainment..
It can be profound, …
It is beautiful creation of a writer to fetch society sometimes to raise the issues..
Poetry is build like a garland with a beautiful words tied to give the shape through his / her perspective..
Depends on the reader how they except the poem in positive or negative in their perception…

@Sarasawati Poswal



We are on this earth with some purpose..
To rise our highest creativity, possibilities, chances..
Expressing our junctures..
That we are intellectual, emotional, physical and psychological in a nature..
To nurture this planet to coordinate with the universes..
And nourish souls with your art of acts..
Splendid nature to nurture the soils of the soul…
Days wi’ll come and go
Years will pass ,decades will go..
Era will be over..
We will survive in each metamorphos..
Rocks, soil, winds and oceans..
With the kind of devotion we act in each breath of our life span..
To make this world more beautiful place…!!

@Saraswati POSWAL



Will be stepping soon in 2017..
What if I did not achieve the best..
What if I did not get rest..
What if you do not like my work..
What if I was last in the marathon of life..
What if you left me..
What if left my favourite Grammy
What if you do not like me..
What if I can not reach the sky up above..
What if I love you all..
What if you do not like my style..
What I wrote what came to my head..
What if you do not like to read my couch..
What if you loved me from the core..
What if ignored you from the soul..
What if many happenings..
What if many mishappenings..
What if you gave the wounds..
What if I got the cures..
Many more new lessons..
I will truely find in New year..
I trust my heart will make me glore…
May you have had many accomplishments in this year..
But the best one are still on the way…
I belie’ve in heart still much are to be crafted…
New generosity to be formed…
New dimensions and new reforms..
In the heart and in actions…
New resolutions to be formed..
To keep peace in mind and side..
Let them stay noisy all the time…
Will pull them thunders which they create by the noise..
What if you produce lots of noise…
Will not be able to stop me from the learning from life.

@Saraswati POSWAL



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