Poems by Edmond Shallvari / Translation from Albanian into English by Alfred Kola


Poems by  Edmond Shallvari
The confess
I know who I’ve made happy
Know not who I’ve made piteous
Never being the righteous saint
Though I’ve been a saint inwards
Even the saints at times are sinful
Else they’d not be the real ones
But they all got instantly cleansed
Giving to God their whole lives
I promise not myself immolated
Christ gave no promises or vows
For I was born to live a life
The most sublime of earthly loves
For someone who feels so happy
Never to make anyone piteous
Ask me not to confess myself
For I am the confess inwards
With you a world I do create
Wherever you can’t guess
When your spirit fails, too
A verse like in the dreams
Begets ‘nd doesn’t touch you.
As long as a levin
In breath ‘nd in heartbreaks
The verse comes out and in
A female fragrance takes.
In there you’ll always find me
The masculine ether you’ll get
Without you a letter cannot be
With you a world I do create.
A baby
A baby today, left the womb behind,
A second more could hardly wait;
In tick tock rhythm, she looked so kind,
Tick tock gave birth to a life so great.
In the first second of her trial,
A second old in baby’s boom;
Along with crying, she gave a simile,
Of the fatal prophecy, on world’s doom.
In a few words, the baby sworn:
“At the end of this world, a life will be born”.
Searching for a man
Upon my shoulders, I’ve put the night sky
My soul is lightened, there are no anxieties
Have started my journey, to the stars so high
With the moon as flambeau, I feel Diogenes.
Searching this way, the missing man
The man to come, I’m searching out
Diogenes’ hope, farther the earth’s span
Among the stars, somewhere thereabout.
Upon my shoulders, I’ve put the day sky
My soul is burdened, there are anxieties
The sun resembles, a flambeau to die
Myself resembles half a Diogenes.
Searching for a man, half of him I find.
Translation from Albanian into English by  Alfred Kola

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