Alone now I sit / Poem by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker



@ Sharon-Elizabeth Walker of Sharonz Photography (c)(T)
Poem by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker
Alone now I sit
Alone again sit I
Cowering in this room hide I,
Anger with tempestuous, fiery breath
Flies around this brick and mortar, housing death.
To all whose hearts and souls delicate
True love and caring not now, or want.
Death of touch, all caring hearts
None a welcome stained here this blood.
Death to all who dare enter in
False hopes and lies abaited breath.
Guardian of these caring ways
Shielded about for that moment of bliss.
As life hath found it’s inner calm self,
Glad to sit tranquil.
Listening to the heart – beating, calming
Rhythmic sound
Alone now I sit.
Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, © 2017
Sharon-Elizabeth Walker

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