Poems by Lily SWARN

Poems by Lily SWARN
The wheel rotates
From this stratosphere
to another
The surreal blends
into my being
on a cold winter morn
Distances blur
Foggy mists cast
an uncanny haze
The here and now
the there and then
Frosty chills warm
The oozing heart
Cashmere shawls douse
The embers of love
Snow mounds blind
The baby sun’s rays
Icy tentacles tighten
their vice like grip
Manna drops like mercy
from heaven on high
Laden to the brim
Is Santa’s sleigh
Keep calm and breathe
The chill will thaw
Wood fires glow
Your heart’s ablaze
Smile my soul
As the wheel rotates
The surreal blends
On a cold winters morn
Copyright Lily Swarn 28.7.2016
Nascent dreams of polypeptide chains
swinging with langurs from the Jakhu hill
Pre pubescent hormones
Dashing on Alpine
peaks of
submerged desires
Fragrant gazpachos of lurid
Crawling up the Pamir knot
Of ancient hallucinations
Copyright 27.12.2015
Vultures and kites had decided the menu for the day
The squirrels scurried up and down the tree with the finesse
And grace of ballet dancers
The snow was tightly packed in mounds and heaps of hellish chill
Deer roamed gazelle eyed
Stepping stealthily on the icy pine needles
Kamli was huddled under a tattered blanket
It’s vintage was unknown
Yawning holes shredded it in pitiable strips
Her weakened frame
A mere bag of shivering bones
Barely alive in this torturous winter freeze
Her home ,the barn was burnt in the fire last night
Her family lay burnt to cinders
The blaze from their simmering ashes long since dead
Too young to know the magnitude of her loss
Old enough to know she was all alone
The puppy near her elbow yelped piteously
Hunger and chill made them comrades in arms
Child and Beast embraced
The wrath of nature triumphed
Poverty has no favourites
While destiny remains biased
The girl died !the puppy lived !
The chill laughed like a banshee!

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