Poems by Maria Cerminara


Poems by Maria Cerminara


Always with you

And you go away
Without saying goodbye
Wonderful Summer evening
Beauty only with radiant sun
We were just you and me.
We promised eternal love
Even the universe itself.
Until one morning
You leave without saying goodbye
Sad reality that no
I was able to overcome a whole
Life together came to an end.
Take me with you always.
Those were my words
More without knowing that ever
See you again….
I haven’t heard from you.
Just an uncertain future
It’s what’s left in me.
Even more time goes by
And I’m still thinking about you.
Maybe fate wanted it that way.
So be it maybe somewhere
Your heart and soul deep
Remember me melancholy and
To know all the love I gave you.
And my last words to me were
“take me with you always”


Strong women

Strong women do you know that doesn’t go unnoticed.
When you walk you feel his presence.
When they come you feel that something changes.
Women are not easy, don’t conform, they seek and they always want something more.
They are not afraid of challenges, challenging.
Have no fear or even suffering to pursue his ideals.
When strong women look at you not just see his eyes too see her soul and you see something more reflect the warmth of the sun and the light of the moon.
When strong women come to you you don’t see only your body, you also see their dreams, their hopes, their confidence in themselves.
Strong women are special they have on their side more intuitive, also know how to listen, laugh and cry without shame.
Strong women are also wrong, but are women that deal with the mistakes of themselves with strength and courage and failures and defeat become fertile ground to learn and improve.
Are transformed and found the place where the heart has its space to grow.
Strong women are able to wear anything to look like everything. It’s your soul that the turns, the strength of themselves around them. .
And it is precisely the presence of its essence the worth, difficult but real worth to know them… so they are.!!!.

© M c


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