Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by  Lily Swarn
Hail Aphrodite
Alluring Venus of April
Bunches of cherry blossoms
Secretly shielding sensational sensuality
Hypnotism oozing from your
Voluptuous curves
Married off to Hephaestus
Myrtle ,doves ,
horses and swans you adore
Pleasure and procreation follow in your wake
You beloved of Adonis
The hills are alive to the music of the daisies
Fields of dancing poppies ,scarlet red
,Dot the creamy butter cup yellow of the narcissus
Moss green meadows whisper to the winds
Their ardent desires to capture Spring
And never let it go !
The sweet pea embraces the tall grass in a vice like grip
darting furtive glances like a suspicious wife
The trees sprout tender tendrils of lemon green
Satiny leaves open their hearts
like ardent lovers
waiting for the blissful April showers !
The corn flower blue of the yearning sky beckons a darting sea gull
She swoops down to kiss the foam
Of the gushing seductive ocean
Flamingoes preen and strut around
Parading their flamboyant attire
Woodpeckers knock perseveringly
For Spring’s treasure trove to open
Come Aphrodite with your magnetic
Powers of attraction
Take us to realms of peace and love
Where no life however small ,suffers!
Copyright Lily Swarn 24.7.2016
Shaking its wet tresses in
coruscating droplets
The cascade of love lorn poetry
Cast a tremulous shimmer on
The vast ocean of literature
A mystical hush ensheathed the
Fluttering wings of gossamer butterflies
Languishing forms of murdered dreams
Hailed Aphrodite to rescue them
From the horrors of war
Scintillating whispers sparked
Embers of love
Wilting Easter lilies shook off
Languid ennui
To gleam in the mellow sunshine
Of Juno’s luminous aura
While Jupiter looked on with
Gracious sagacity
©® Lily Swarn 2016
Lily Swarn

One thought on “Poems by Lily Swarn

  1. Mrs.Swarn very creatively handles myths and archetypes in her poems To just take one example,consider the April in Chaucer’s Prologue and April in Eliot’s Wasteland. In both Aphrodite and Cascade the reader can see the reworking of the myth. It’s really fascinating to read her poems.

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