Poems by Opal Ingram


Poems by Opal Ingram


 Capture In A View

A time felt
In silence .
a surface of hearts

capture in a view.

He held fast to his dream .

He spoke for all

In the movement

Call freedom .

Knowledge taken from rail road

And over Yonder!

Towards the Mountain

Across waters near a valley

By a Mountain
Near a Bay.

Capture In a View.

A dream felt among many

In Silence.

He was the voice of Equality.
he fought for


Love & Freedom

One of his famous quotes.

He Spoke
“Martin Luther King Jr.”


Is the only force capable
Of transforming an enemy Into
a freind.

He was a King!
To never be forgotten
Civil Rights

Non Violent

Equality For all to build and dream

We Can!

A time felt In silence.

Capture In A View
Written by – O/ I (c)
2017 January



There was silence
while they measure
each other,
eye to eye.

She eyed him from the room.
He did the same.

He walk towards

There was silence and she peeped at him through her lashes.

A teasing comment already
on his lips, there eyes met.

She lift a brow,

He look fit
And strong.



High In a chair,
I almost slept ,

I slept there ,
I slept here.

I slept near a shade of gray

Where the floor felt like grass.

And the sky’

was dark.

With only a glimpse
of the moon.

Where stars creep at every angle.

I slept by a card board box.
“Where the rain tumble
And rumble.

I cover myself
But left my eyes

the tree branches
Were bare,

My pride

Was still.

That all I had!

Where I slept.

I slept like a


With my back held high

In a chair.

O/I (c)

Poem lines taken from my first Book of Black Stockings A Collection of Essays & Poems @360
create space &,amazon publishing
By – Author Opal Ingram

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Build up In her mind
she got toss and turn out.
Into a stray of unbroken promises .

Walls of lies
Caught up on a trail of
empty rails.

And torn up streets with dirty curbs.

Where everbody look the same but
with a different suit or dress.

The labels had bright colors.

Her sway

Was hidden
In her walk.

She Is Eva.

by – Author Opal Ingram
aka Poetress Mystic.

..Lines taken from my first Book Black Stockings A Collection of Essays & Poems @360.
9781537568643 – create space com
Amazon publishing

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