Prologue ” La fresa de tu boca” – Silvia Ortiz / by Jose Beltran Peña


Prologue ” La fresa de tu boca” – Silvia Ortiz 

by Jose Beltran Peña

Throughout the history of mankind, recreate, experiment and poetizar the theme of the love has been difficult, since his writing effective has to overcome, “breaking barriers” of society and the family of the writer, especially if it is In Peru and carried out by a woman, then persists, the social hypocrisy

Misunderstanding of the women’s lib and machismo retrograde prevailing in the twenty-first century.

By what was said, I welcome and congratulate the poet Silvia Ortiz for the book of poems the strawberry on your mouth, in which develops and gives us signs of love and their degrees, impulses and magical colours which it possesses. Let’s read: love is a dialectic misunderstood, its nothing is his exist: ” now I understand love / is this your way all charm / when I open my eyes as a child / in the rain passionate where the fire is not completed / and I got you in front of me between Nothing and nothing.”

Love brings about questions, luck or a misguided sense: ” sometimes i transit in the aorta wrong / in the uphill from the kettle just water / to the other side of the fury a puppet of light / sometimes always sometimes the battle Is the

Shock of death…”

Our poet uses the magic mirror, in which a lot of times there’s no reflection, no dialogue and no it’s just a rebound accustomed to your face, ” between the liquor gone your way / builds the firmament of your eyes wide open / no Mirrors on the night love / there are no mirrors.”

Love is the thought, the body and the doubt that they expect:

Tonight Native / descobija arms I detest in another body / I’m gone / hurts / and covers me with aches / infinity progressing hunger for your body / and I love you and you don’t get / again tonight.”

Love is a woman’s metamorfoseada sweetly naughty with the ebb and flow of nature or memorable in the page of a book: ” under the dermis a new crack of oblivion / the spirit of the wild, Aurora has been covered on page 21 / and the clear uncertainty is the afternoon of his own eco / I am the fire in the sky of this lazy river / I’m the touch of malice while I am passionate about the wind / I’m that wind that rises in the morning / on the kidnapped of pink Garden every lark.”

Love is not love if you don’t trump distances and silences:

” loving you / and loving you in the middle of this absence / directed tremors I catch / and hit me strongly / between the walls / of this our temple.”

Love feeds erotically with oscules tender, nervous and full of passion and dedication:

” the distance in your calm enough for me / the twins kisses of love / kisses without flights close / distant / with rain of temples / I love you and I love you / oaths to diary / my soul mate.”

Love is poetic and imperfect as human beings:

‘ you fell asleep cuddled to my verses / clinging to the contour of the birds in the corner / the dew last night / and social networks / Flirty Destination / time keeper infrequent battles fabricated / and you stayed stuck to this body untouched / to this emptiness Illusory linked in opposing truths / to the truth and the Florida night imperfect.”in true love look like that one pick but it’s not like that, it’s just i find, it’s magic is instant hug” between two other men chose you / you Chose You / I don’t know how you got here / you sailed the flag of my senses / I found you or you found me / I don’t know…”

Love is wonderful and beautiful in the process of gestation:

” waiting for your arrival / between fists embedded in the land of my dreams / between trills who stay / the intuition of the lanterns that did not ignite / are already nine months you hope / nine months that suddenly you’re / the loneliness to forge the Tributary of limbo / at the audition of my senses.”

Love overextended and suffocating needs cleaned and purified with magical impulses of forgiveness: ” I’m sorry for loving you too / between the glass waste / among the opaque glass / your eyes unconquered / sorry for the times in my bed / by devour me in fields Silence / for your hug from afar in delirium awake / the back of the head of this book and the Ipad that won’t start.”

In flashes and boundaries of love, when you touch lives and the limits of happiness we must live them and forget the rest, but gets lost:

” let us begin to live / today we should be happy / with your smile without breaks / I give myself to you this day to live another more / when I fall asleep in your eyes on the sea.”

From her book, the knots of the night (2013), we have seen in the poet Silvia Ortiz, a maturity with the commendable work with the word and in the form of communication open and free, where his voice of female and Light, makes him break boundaries of existence to give you more life shared.

Love has always been a mistake of compass because those involved sooner or later will lose without realizing it: your voice, your time and space, confusing feelings with rhetorical habits, but through a series of literary art, as it has made our poet, Can capture moments, exorcise, pay homage and share how wonderful it is, Recreándolo-because if it wouldn’t be story -, Conjugándolo with the actions and sigh of its readers in complete


The wonderful poems “Fresados” of Silvia Ortiz, also, remind us that we are the only animal on earth that we have a conscience and eroticism, and that for them, we have the luck to be able to touch the happiness, for the controversial and blessed love.


Silvia ortiz

Silvia Ortiz



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