Poems by SWANSH


Poems by SWANSH


A Poet’s Inner Child

A walk down my journey so far
Thoughts embracing unknown lands
Some obscure lanes of old memories
Some strange coincidences of Déjà vu

Sometimes crisscrossing expressions
Sometimes debilitating the focuses
Like a tunnel vision did I experience
To unravel the sheaths within

How and why did I crash land in this
Wonderful and colorful world of words
Where nothing remains untouched
Nothing seems improbable to fathom

Moods, environs, climate and depths
Heights, valleys, wilderness and breadth
Life, death, joys, sorrows and happiness
In love for poetry I just keep encroaching

The only dilemma, the only difficulty I face
The only hurdle, the only risks I brace
Are nothing beyond human perceptions
How to express the immense beauty in words?

Beauty of experiencing the tenderness
Beauty of being in the waves of love
Beauty of feeling the compassion
Beauty of being fed with such bliss

The courage of being fearless
The courage of being limitless
The courage of expanding imaginations
The courage of sniffing the existence

Where can I get all of the above
Who can fill me with what it takes
Will i be ever, Grateful enough
To the child in me and its wonders.


Yawns of Times

As I walk and walk and walk
In the spectacle of life’s thoroughfare
The heart seemingly becomes a wanderer
In search of the eluding calm serenity

Some moments slipping by
Some moments falling in my laps
As if the moments and times say
See here I come and here I go

Come be brave and take that
What you need, if you need and if you can
For I am relentless in my movement
None could fathom me for self

Eyes laden with hangover untenable
From the day’s tiring upheavals
Each part of the body sored in pain
Every joint wanting to break away

Unable to perceive who was in need
Of a refreshing yawn of wakefulness
Was it the self, full of jarred tiredness?
Or was it the ever-alluring moments

Ah the ancient and spontaneous times
Ever appearing and disappearing
Oh the ancient illusionary and toxic and
Ever so infinitesimal Impermanent life

What should I say of this shining little
Physical self, that sparkles temporarily
Born today, young tomorrow to transpire
Into the old age day after tomorrow

Finally, it submerges into the ancient times
There is no today in tomorrow
Neither is there a today in yesterday
Today is here and now this very moment

How do I care for moments of today?
How do I work in the moments of nows?
And suddenly my glance wanders on
The yawning and slipping moments

Awakened I walk and walk and walk.


Why Poetry

Do we remember the Ahs, Oohs and Ouchs?
Do we remember their origin deep within?
Aren’t they the ultimate expressions;
From pains, pleasures, and wonderment?

Have we witnessed any lacerations?
And the prick of stitching the wounds
Have we witnessed the calamities?
And the rescue ops thereafter

Have we witnessed the tempest at the seas?
And the soul soothing calm that prevails soon
Do we remember our place of worship?
And the Humble prayers we use to communicate

Have we not seen the wailing hearts many?
That cry out of loss of love or loved ones
Have we not seen the bleeding hearts?
That defy the nonchalance of inhumanity

What else a poetry cannot fathom
What else a poetry cannot express
What else a poet need inspiration from
To give us a moment to ponder and show
Gratitude for bringing us closure to life.


The Soul’s Journey

Vectors of life undermining the space
keep adding vivid colours and lace
times and tides become boundless
As my soul ekes out space after space

Sometimes I wander and lose myself
In the wilderness of beautiful nature
Sometimes I walk through human mage
Always grateful at heart I move and gaze

At the timidity of the humanity to limit
The vastness of the beauty of unity
Into pieces of proclaimed lands in brevity
Where preamble is necessary to be in divinity

A heart full of gratitude for the bliss of life
A life full of compassion for one and for all
The tangents ever becoming a mirage
Can the humanity find a way to Amaze.


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