Poems by Opal Ingram


Poems by Opal Ingram



Through the window I could see fire and a fireman behind it Things happen so quickly
the room was full of smoke.

It was light outside , but it seemed like the room was getting darker and darker . I tried to grab my favorite doll. “I could hear the crowd below, people were talking loudly .

We went one by one down the ladder until we reach the curb, I felt like I was going to bust my
head , I just wanted to throw up, but I cried instead . We was standing across the street and the building was burning up.

I knew we could not go back In the building.
everthing was rubbish, everything was gone.

It seemed like a hour passed.
then a big yelow cabbie pulled
up by the curb.

I got In.
I sat by the window the ride was bumpy
It seemed like It hit every curve.

Tears were rolling down my face.

The cabbie turn down the highway
Traffic was heavy .

We was near Spanish Harlem
the Bodega was on every block.
the cabbie seem like he was in a rush
It seem like time just stood still and I
felt like I was crawl up In a Night mare.

No part of this essay may be reproduced
or stored in a rettrival system without written
permission from the author

All Rights Reserved (c) January 2017
By Author Opal Ingram(c)
Lines Taken From Book – Black Stockings

Book – Black Stockings
A Collection of Essays And Poems @360
978 1537558653



High In a chair,
I almost slept ,

I slept there ,
I slept here.

I slept near a shade of gray

Where the floor felt like grass.

And the sky’

was dark.

With only a glimpse
of the moon.

Where stars creep at every angle.

I slept by a card board box.
“Where the rain tumble
And rumble.

I cover myself
But left my eyes

the tree branches
Were bare,

My pride

Was still.

That all I had!

Where I slept.

I slept like a


With my back held high

In a chair.

O/I (c)


Poem lines taken from my first Book of Black Stockings A Collection of Essays & Poems @360
create space &,amazon publishing
By – Author Opal Ingram

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