I FEEL UNIVERSE WITHIN YOU / Poem by Tulsi Shrestha


Poem by Tulsi Shrestha



Indeed, I breathe, just to tell you
Belive me ! You are mine,” I love you”
Echoes from celestial height…for you
A divine gift of three words to you.

When I look inside your eyes to view
What I see is not just me and you
I perceive a whole universe within you .

Millions of heavenly stars, are still too few
To present as lovely- divine gift for you
Indeed, you are source of light to view.

Dawn of my dream ,is no doubt you
Faith of my wings is you too
Tidal wave of my heart is again you.

Angel that flew down to the earth, is you
To fill the void of my heart,that I due
With melody of rainbow hues.

I am going to wrap you, oh my dear
With a blanket of blue sky without fear
To dissolve with each other , inside there

All heart beats of mine, for you
Dedicated no doubt to you
To fuse with rhythm of your heart due.

Listen to language of my heart beats
How it talks and whispers with your beats
To sing a melodious song with fever of love -heat .

Beneath the sober silver moon light
I paved sandy beach with red roses bright
To cuddle with my love with slight .

I can smell fragrance of breath inside you
Even with closed eyes, I can see you
That is why , wherever you go,I can fetch you.

By Tulsi Shrestha
Www.poemhunter. com


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