Leyla IŞIK

leyla Isik

Leyla IŞIK

Leyla IŞIK – Educator-Poet-Writer-Artist
She completed the primary and secondary education in İzmir. She studied at the Teacher Training College in Usak. She graduated from the Faculty of Education of Eskişehir Anadolu University and retired from the primary school. Leyla Işık, the Vice President of KIBATEK and International Organization and Project Coordinator, organized the 31st KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in Istanbul / Tuzla in 2003, 34 th KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in 2004 and 39 th KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in 2016 together with the Pablo Neruda Cultural Association in Taranto. Currently, she keeps on her works at the 42nd KIBATEK International Litrary Festival Project in Ortahisar (CAPPADOCIA).
Leyla IŞIK has many valuable awards in her literature life.
Her Awards;
2003 – İksder-İzmir Culture and Art Association “Halikarnas Fisher Cevat Şakir” First Prize Poetry Award,
2008 – Şaire Mehseti Gencevi (MŞM) Honorary Diploma on behalf of
Azerbaijani Baku Poet Mesheti Genjevi for Serving Turkish World Literature.
2013 – Atilla İlhan Friendship and Fidelity Medallion from Platform of Love Izmir
2015 – World Young Writers Association (DGTYB) Litrary Award,
2016 – Rumen Dialect, Poetry, Art, Literature Platform International Literature, Friendship and Peace Prize.
Below is the list of her works:
HUZUR ÇERÇEVEM (E) poetry -1992
SERÜVEN KUŞU İÇİMİN ÖYKÜSÜ poetry – poetic expression -1996
YENİDEN YAŞAMAK GİBİ short story-2000
BİR BAŞKA DÜŞ (E) poetry – poetic expression-2005
DODAQ İZLERİN poetry ( translated in to Azerbaijani Turkish)-poetic expression-2009
DÜŞLERİMİ (Ç) ALDIM (short story-2011)
UYKUSUZ ESRİK GECENİN SABAHINDA (poetry – poetic expression-2011)
Leyla IŞIK; besides KIBATEK (Cyprus, Balkans, Eurasian Turkish Literature Institution), Aegean Cultural Platform Association Cultural Arts and Theater Coordinator, Belgium Barış Manco Lovers Association Cultural Art Advisor, Literature Association, Member of International Activist Artists Association, Turkey Representative and Honorary Member of Italy Pablo Neruda Cultural Association, Member and Turkey representative of World Nation Writers Association.
She keeps on her works at International Turkish Language, Literature and Translation Platform KIBATEK ( Eurasian Balkans, the Cyprus-Turkish Society of Literature ). She is attending conferences, panels, conversations, and poetry feasts at home country and abroad. Contributes introducing Turkish Poetry at the international platforms as a volunteer envoy and publicating interactively and systematically translation of Cyprus, Balkans and Western Europian Turkish Literature in to their dialects.
Leyla IŞIK, whose poems are published in international anthologies, Galaksi Poetike Atanis, Grami Romanesc, is among the poets in the international anthologies.
Her articles and poems have been translated into German, Albanian, Arabic, Romanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Italian, English and Azeri Turkish, published in anthologies in various journals both in Turkey and abroad.
Her poetry – poetic expression book “BİR BAŞKA DÜŞ(E) (2005)” was translated in to Azerbaijani Turkish by Prof. Dr. Elçin İSGENDERZADE and published at Vektör University in Azerbaija.
In addition, Leyla IŞIK who received two years acting training of Özel Sahne Tozu Theater in supervision of Haldun Dormen; writes theather plays besides poetry, short stories and essays.
Leyla IŞIK, who has successfully represented her country abroad and contributed to publicity activities as a volunteer ambassador for Turkish poetry on international platforms, has also been involved in poetry programs on various local radios for some time. She has been involved in literature, painting and theater since she was a child.
Leyla IŞIK describes herself in terms of the content of her poems.
As a poet and a writer, I tried to avoid lines of cold and contrite narratives in my stories and to express my sincerity in what I wanted and felt. All the experiences of the era that I have tried to offer


leyla isiç

Poem by Leyla IŞIK



C’mon hold a pen
Hold it child!
Draw a sea
Paint it blue,
Let it cover everywhere
Separate the sky
With the horizon line.
Build a ship
White sailed
And loaded with hope
Add a little happiness to it
And seagulls will not go away by themselves…
C’mon hold a pen
Hold it child!
Draw a globe
Paint it green,
Separate into countries
By love line
Make a big heart
Don’t think
How so many people
Can fit into it
Put a little love
A little respect
A little friendship
A little humanity
And plenty of justice in it…

February 28, 2014 by Leyla Işık 


Translated by Baki Yiğit

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