YES, WHEN YOU RETURN AGAIN / Poem by Roula Pollard

Poem by Roula Pollard



Does it rain always
past? Can you forget it
can you meet me, like me
can you last only for an instant
can you travel through a last kiss
a first kiss, an interval of an eternity
like a kiss, like the surface of dawn on
my forehead, can you sail on bleu sea, blue
sky, like a deep touch of humanity on my sleeve
like a dove
I meet at a street corner, feed her with my last bread cramps
a dove, carrying on her wings all the questions, all the sins
of the day, taking away whatever liberates you, us from
the panic thoughts of last decades, so you kiss me
tenderly again without fear, now, today

kiss me now, today again, tomorrow, yes
next week, like a new light, light without
burdens, as happiness emerges from
us like the smile from a new kiss
stamped on our lips, allow it
this new

© Roula Pollard

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Roula Pollard

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