..and I DANCE IN THE MIDDLE OF MIRACLES! / by Dr. Lsr Prasad



by Dr. Lsr Prasad

Frankincense, myrrh, nard, amber, tears of incense and amomum,
I collect and ignite the ball of myrrh wiith the silver fire rays of sun sanctum,
I am the Chinese vermillion bird, I am the Summer, South and the element fire,
I live in seven mansions-well, ghost, willow, star, net, wings and chariot of sapphire!

I am the symbol of renewal, sun, time, empire, metempsychisis, consecration,
And Mary, Christ, life in the paradise, virginity, the blessed man and resurrection,
I made a fire to burn my azure blue oldness and made my dry flesh a sweet dish of perfection!
I have the memories of me as the great eagle Garuda and Egyptian Bennu of solar connection!

Every five hundred years are more I make my journey to distant Arabia or Egypt,
I make my nest with the best spices and dry flammable incenses of wood crypt,
In front of the Sun temple I perch upon my nest on the highest treetop with grace,
Awaiting my mentor’s fiery arms ignite and embrace me in his bright embrace!

In his magnificence I explode in a fireball and become the ashes at his footstep slope,
And lo! I born again as the regal purple Phoenix bird of lore and a symbol of love and hope!

Copyright@Dr. Lsr Prasad 13. 3 .2017

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