Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Poems by Aziza Dahdouh
Iam what Iam
Iam the snow
Iam the sun
Iam the wind
Iam the breeze
Iam the spirit of the horse
Iam a caged bird
Iam the ocean
Iam a drop of rain
Iam the hurricane
Iam the calm waves
Iam that unique rose
But with thorns
Iam the desert
And my soul is that oasis
With Palm groves
My wise teacher
Iam a dreamer
when You were explaining
I haven’t listened ……
I followed your hand gestures
It turned to a beautiful bird
Flew beyond the clouds
Came back with a soft pillow
I put my head and fell asleep
And In my dream
I heard your sweet voice
Yes, you are me…The bird
and that reflection in still water
is my physical appearance
My soul….my hidden being
No mirror reflects it
Except my behavior
How I treat you and
Other creatures

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