DO NOT WRITE THIS DOWN / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo




The eternal paraffin lamp is burning sootily above a city
a kilometer further to the north
a model with shackles named River
advertises the latest trend in heavy industry

between pure soul and filthy body
I vote for pure soul

I draw bow with arrow
I declare war against filthy body
I shout – long live progress
and my battle cry is – down with pollution

forgive me history
do not write this down
leave it to the authorities
this is innovation
in which the first fault is – call to arms
and the second fault – clean environment


To your erosion Earth
only one step is left

to your destruction man
even less

a hungry pack of vultures
is playing the music for their last feast
and waiting for the button to be pushed

who will be their last mouthful
eaten with pleasure


A prophecy speaks about self destruction
about the Three Mountains of Salvation
about the eternal life in abundance

I know the mystery of the Three Mountains
they are paying me with gold
I thank them

I am locking the invisible door
of no return


Then the Era of Demolition will begin
my son and I will not appear
at that promotion

there will not be a father and a son
only the saints and cursed
as a warning to the race
created by
and Democritus


After the Era of Demolition
only Adam and Eve

after Adam and Eve
only bows and arrows

in the middle of the universe
I am waiting for the Baptism of Arrows


the time has come
prepare bows and arrows
set up barricades
set up barriers

the time has come
draw bows to shoot arrows
at my signal
let us start the Baptism of Arrows

shoot the arrows

I am right here
among the ones who will survive
and the ones who will not
I am watching the Baptism of Arrows
of innocent boys


The last war is roaring
as I am singing verses about peace
accompanied by the violin
I am jumping over exhausted forests

I keep jumping over exhausted rivers
loose bows
and poisonous arrows

the Earth is again an infernal planet
let her wait

Let her wait

Let her wait

Let her wait


have not your massive cross-shaped rocks
turned black of old shame for centuries

why don’t you recover yourself Earth
have not human bodies
fertilized you well

the last war is roaring
bundles of arrows are whistling

gods of love and peace
destroy distributors of arrows

let your era begin
is it not distressing to you
that a human being is a target
that a human being is a target
the target of another human being


That year a Goddess of Love
will reunite the children at the Square of Equality

all will shout one slogan
all will carry the same sign
down with bows and arrows

all will shout in harmony
long live love and clean air

all quiet in the Western front that year
in my native country
rocks will grow again
the earth will be planet continent

amour vincit omnia

Ibrahim Honjo “DO NOT WRITE THIS DOWN” 2006

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