Poems by Ahamad Alkhatat

Posted on March 21, 2017


Poems by Ahamad Alkhatat


Emotionless Thoughts…

Earlier this today,
I decided to listen
My favorite song,
And walk behind
Lovers so I recall
My lonesome from
Months and years.

I was motionless
Trying not to weep
I can’t feel anything
Not my walk on snow
The sun rays tagged
My face to feel I’m alive
And not, sadly dead yet.

I walked and started
Reviewing my mistakes
Trying to avoid myself
From regretting anything
Since most of them
Were done with mine
Approval with open eyes.

I think I am the mistake
My friends are being blind
I think I am the question mark
My spirit seeks for the answers
Then why I am lonely by
The doors of great hopes
No power to break the windows.

I finally got to rest and
Drink a bottle of joyful
And enjoy the smiling faces
I saw my musical band
I wished to sing my pain
With them playing rock
So I could hear myself

Singing clear without fears
With eyes dropping blood
And unwrapped wounds
To die ten times better than
Seeking for dreams that
We’ll be in someone’s heart
And now they are damaged.

I wanted to walk away
I wanted to get lost
I wanted to live again
Free from chains of
Thoughts and feelings
That I will spend mine
Life next to nobody else.



On My Pillow…

On my pillow,
I wanted to
Rest and think
Alone with me
Burning cigarette.

Thinking of who
Am I nowadays?
Am I still dreaming?
Or I am hiding from
Your beautiful face.

Truthfully speaking from
The bottom of my heart,
I miss talking about
Everything we have done,
The moments we laughed.

The time it’s running
Slower than crying eyes,
The stars are shinier
Than your two cheeks
After I have kissed them.

My cigarette smoke
Turned into bubbles
Of Cancer awareness
And the dusty cloud of
Pure, rare nicotine.

My hands were weakened
When I reached to the moon
My lips were fasting for
Waiting my request to
Kiss you with a deep love.



Light In The Dark…

It was dark summer
We were in the dark
Meet in dark harbor.

Along the dark shore
Echoes of dark sister
In the dark continent.

In the darkness, we moved slowly
Thinking of queen of darkness
Seeking advantages, darkest fears.

Two sinners wildly into the dark
Lights for dark windows of the moon
Dark houses and dark room as well.

Light in the dark was weeping
Dark clouds were much rainless
Awake dark as a midnight dream.

We were ugly as little freak
With one animal side filling it up
Other human side with bloody dildo.

In the dark before the dawn
Night songs of the dark water
Movable and wordless darkness.

Door into the dark poem
Unicorns and dark chocolate
Blood from the dark side of the moon.

Murder in the darkness sticks,
Shadows cry out in the dark stranger
Ink waters of our life in Melancholy.



In Primary School

In primary school
In the class of first grade
They were two different smart children.

The First was from poor siblings
And the second was from a rich relative.

The poor do his homework on time,
The rich pay the teacher to do them ahead.

The poor gets sixty or seventy in exams,
The rich was in eighty or higher than average.

The poor offered a notebook for the teacher,
The rich bought a fancy chair due to teacher day.

The poor could not dream about egalitarian;
When the rich were free to burn the farmer seeds.

Years later the poor became one gravedigger,
And the rich became a new president of the country.

He meet with the same teacher in the graveyard,
He asked “did you write in notebook about the president.”

The teacher responded with tears falling loose down
Yes, “I did while I was siting on his fancy wooden chair.”

“Sir, you have created the worst leader for the record,”
“I regretfully know of my mistake that I can’t believe it.”

“By the way, I have money left to buy one tiny grave,”
“Those coins won’t make you a teacher with a high value.”


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