Poems by Aziza Dahdouh


Poems by Aziza Dahdouh
Inside me
There is a little girl
Innocent heart with
great passion for life
she still strolls with
her mother
Together, they gather
wildflowers to decorate
the table in the kitchen
The outside of me
appears a lady
with no defeats
but with a heart
of tender
and hand in hand
She goes to the fields
with her daughter
A whisper
In the middle of silence
She heard a soft voice
Whispered her secret name
‘ Soul of universe
why do you enclose yourself?
Nature is longing to meet us
Let’s go to the lake and
Have a walk on waters
Souls in colour
Who said that
Souls are in
black and white!
Your soul and mine
are a rainbow
a magical sunset !
To those who are still waiting for spring
Give your souls wings and fly where spring is !!
لأولئك الذين ينتظرون قدوم الربيع
امنحوا ارواحكم اجنحة و حلقوا هناك
حيث الربيع

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