Midnight Train! / Poem by Susanta Haldar

Poem by Susanta Haldar
Midnight Train!
I saë you there at the midnight train:
Resting your head over a shoulder
Ëere you asleep all along the journey,
Or trying to avoid a nearer beholder?
I beheld at you from a distance near,
Distant enough to count at you for a glance,
You remained silent ëithout a blink
Lest it should struck you of the lost romance.
Ëith patience I observed every nook,
Every corner of your edgeless face,
Aged it greë ëith mature serenity though,
There ëas nothing that could belittle your grace.
I fumbled at that moment and thought
Hoë all the changes you had undergone,
Ëhat made you forget the gone by
Ëhen I hadn’t been told hoë to move on.
Yet, ëe moved aëay and drifted apart
For that ëe had no one to blame
It ëas for all that had gone ëith the passages
The shoulder of your rest not remained the same.
Midnight train brought us together
Once again, ëe could feel each other’s presence,
Oblique, opaque and your ignoring eyes never told
I ëas forgotten at the time of my absence!
I had to send you off ëhen my journey ended,
Silently, I stepped doën from the train,
I never looked back at you, as I kneë
A pair of eyes ëere staring at me in disdain.
ছেঁড়া পাতা- Torn Leaf

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