Untouchable / Poem by Olfa Philo

Poem by Olfa Philo



touch me not
touch me not
i’m a mess
a corpse as such,
why shall you caress?

touch me not
touch me not
i have neither skin
nor bones
what you crave
to press &
are but

why do you
tempt me
to undress?
i have no flesh
to consume,
possess or

haven’t you ever learnt
the art of finesse?
the art of love
with fine words
to weave
& tress?

gone is the flesh
i’m but a soaring soul
can you conjure me up now &
make me whole?

frozen is the body-
by your repelling lust
scattered is the heart,
reduced to dust

my bleeding heart was
bigger than you
bigger than me
bigger than the
whole universe

in its blood, you
expected me to sink?

Oh NO!
in this very blood
I’m reborn &
of it I made
my ink and
my verse…

Olfa Philo


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