Poems by Aziza Dahdouh


Poems by Aziza Dahdouh
The fields
This morning, we had a walk down the hills
I saw the mountains
I wondered who aligned them
I saw herbs and flowers
I wondered who sew the first seeds
I heard the buzz of bees
I wondered why are they busy?
Who taught them to make honey?
I had a look to their cells
I wondered who taught them architecture
I saw butterflies fluttering
I wondered who painted their wings
I fell on knees
I prayed with tears
Oh Allah
The great creator
The great artist
The great architect
Iam the weakest creature
I beg your pardon my God
Then I opened my eyes
And saw the most beautiful
blooming poppy flower
Smiled to me and whispered …….
You are blessed
All rights reserved
Aziza Dahdouh
The soul of mine
Survives in that ink
The soul of mine
Dances between the lines
Babylon Gardens
Once upon a timeBC ,There was a queen called Amytis
Married a King and moved to a desert plain BetweenTigris and Euphrates rivers
She was happy with her husband
But there were moments, she felt sorrow When missed her home
The places where she was raised
Those green valleys
The King decided to satisfy his beloved homesick wife and make her beautiful eyes
shine of happiness again
Nebuchadnezzar , The king and husband
Ordered his people to build The most famous hanging Babylon gardens
Which were and still considered as one of
the seven wonders
True….love can make miracles
All rights reserved
Aziza Dahdouh
What I need
I need
Filling my lungs with fresh air
Letting breeze moving my hair
I need
Seeing the sea, reducing the narrowness
inside me
Giving space , to more vastness
I need
Seeing the sky,feeling clearness
reducing stress
I need
Listening to tweeting birds
Feeling beauty of life
Rejoicing my soul
I need
wandering in fields,flying like butterflies
I need
SmilingTo every face,shaking all hands
I need
Giving back meaningTo the word wonderful
Making the world singingThe song of Armstrong
How wonderful is the world
All rights reserved
Aziza Dahdouh
Life a circle of 360°
I am a Nomad
Travelling through seasons of life
At birth ,I screamed
And my mother smiled
Through time……
I crawled ,walked and ran
I fell down
Felt hurt
Shed tears
And my mother wept them
She helped me to rise up again
I Climbed high mountains
I wandered in the garden of life
Faced many obstacles
Went inside darkness
God hasn’t left me alone
For a long time
A candle was lighted in my soul
I went out of the Tunnel
Rushed towards the unreachable horizon
When I was tired ,I pitched a tent
There in the middle of the desert
Soon I melted with the sunset
The twilight…that famous artist
Painted us in a beautiful sight
A lonely rose…
In the middle of the desert
Migrated birds
Those beautiful birds
Which flew away
To the South warm lands
Left me alone for a long time
I felt sad when
I found feathers
In their empty nests
They used to rejoice my heart
With their early songs
Now Iam happy
They are back again
They came early this time
They knew I was not fine
They are the soul companion
They are here in the backyard
So busy…..
Multiplying their numbers
Forming a magnificent chorus
Showing me
How life is precious
If only I can
I would ask them about their journey
What have they seen and heard?
There in afar lands
Who guided them?
Who showed them
The way back to their nests?
The question remains a question
And only God…
Who knows the answer
How wise he who keeps bowing down
For there is no greater than the Creator of this great universe
كم هو حكيم ذاك الذي يستمر في السجود
لانه لا يوجد اعظم من خالق هذا الكون العظيم

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