ATTENTION ALL POETS! / Different Truths


Poetry Anthology against the war by Diff Truths
Stop Chemical War in Syria. Save Humanity!
Stop Chemical War in Syria. Save Humanity!
Stop Chemical War in Syria. Save Humanity!
Stop Chemical War in Syria. Save Humanity! Read on!
The legacy of the poets between the two World Wars made the poets raise their voices in protest against senseless killings. They told the world that no one has the right to sow hatred and animosity to reap sufferings, separations, and deaths.
During wars, children, women, and elders are the worst affected. It’s a gross violation of Human Rights. The world cannot afford any more genocides.
The use of chemical weapons in Syria, killing innocent children and families, must stop. It’s a dangerous precedent in the theater of warfare.
We, in Different Truths, ask our poet friends to come together and express their solidarity for the defenseless and the weak people.
We, in Different Truths, are bringing out an anthology on People against Genocide. Michele Baron, an eminent poet, humanist and peace activist, from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and Roula Pollard, another renowned poet, pacifist and social activist, from Athens, Greece, are the Editors of this anthology.
We are honoured and privileged to have them as our Anthology Editors.
Please send your poems to Different Truths. The details are below:
Length of the poem: Between 15 lines and 30 lines
No. of poems: Only one poem per person
Language: English
Submissions of poems shall close on: May 1, 2017, at 8 PM, Indian Standard Time
Anthology to be published on May 15, 2017, in Different Truths
Where to send your poems:
Mark subject line: ‘People against Genocide’
First-time contributors: Please also send 75-word Thumbnail bio and your photo (headshot), along with the poem. You must also like the Different Truths Page on FB (link: and send a friend request on FB to Diff Truths (link: This will help us tag you. It’s a must.
The decision of the Anthology Editors, Michele Baron, and Roula Pollard shall be final and binding. They may correct, suggest changes or reject entries.
The pen is mightier than the sword (read wars). Let our voices be heard. Let’s make Poetry a potent weapon.
Join the social cause.
Arindam Roy,
Different Truths
Michel Baron, Roula Pollard, Anumita Chatterjee, Roy Diff Truths, Arindam Roy


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