Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Till we meet again
There are times when a flame coloured bird
flits across my eyes as I venture on to the deck
I am saddened because I know not its name
And because when she builds her nest I would have gone back to my home in the eastern hemisphere
Perhaps she migrated to warmer climes when the blizzards struck
Or was I too busy clearing the cobwebs from my eyes to see her perched amidst the crab apple branches
The squirrels don’t show up any more
Wonder why ?
Its just the goose setting up a merry cackle early at dawn
Winging strongly right above my head
Never alone
Always with its mate , Mr Gander
The sun is braver and stronger today
It defied the ominous greys in the sky
Setting up his easel in the eastern horizon , splashing the domes with vivid shades of fiery orange
My lungs breathe in the fresh green breeze brimming with promises
Of tulips and daffodils that will liven the hills
The wisteria will arch and hug the cornices of my world
As I drench my soul in the Maple and birch
So long, till we meet again little birdie
By then I shall look up your name
Copyright Lily Swarn 13.4.2017
What do women really want ?
She waits each morning
for that one sound that never escapes his lips
The adoration of numerous beings jingle in her piggy bank
It overflows with the golden coins of proclamations and declarations
The fragrant memories of syrupy words and honeyed music
Strummed on guitars and hummed with hands on hearts
She asks for truth and he lays it bare like a beggar’s back
Not like the fashionista’s boutique created bare back that was polished till it shone
She prays for his pampering and fawning
He admonishes and cautions instead
She hangs on to his monosyllables like a baby monkey to its mother’s chest
For love is a woman’s only addiction
She simply cannot breathe without it
It’s asphyxiation till the manna pours forth
No fancy jewels or cars can ever replace
The love of a good man.
Copyright Lily Swarn 10.4.2017
Lily Swarn

2 thoughts on “Poems by Lily Swarn

  1. Beautifully composed poems high on emotions and rich with feelings. The desire to know the name of the bird symbolises the unrequitted wishes and unfulfilled desires. In the second poem, the poet truly identifies the yearning for love which a woman wants.
    I loved these poems.

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