Poem by Roula Pollard



Yesterday I saw the world
with more clarity and despite its remoteness
the world came closer and clearer
sat next to me, looked at me

Thus I became aware
and reflected only on positive thoughts
such as to keep all negativity away
so miracles can happen in front of me.

Then, I opened up Poetry
its mountains, lakes, seas
rivers, oceans, continents all clear
and stayed inside, always with it.

Even in the moonlight of the world
there are not frozen rivers.
Between the valleys of darkness
and the mountains of light
all locked doors Poetry opens.

© Roula Pollard, 2005
All rights reserved

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Roula Pollard


One thought on “POETRY FAMILIARITY AND LOVE / Poem by Roula Pollard

  1. Pollard always shines among her words as a diamond. She cleverly, arrests an intense,immediate and a little intentional moment. in a tranquil atmosphere, she attains some sort of revelation that illuminates darkness; she finds the real key of all worldly treasures as represented in poetry, the word. Such an evasively poignant moment cannot be captivated unless there is an eagle eyed hunter. The poetess does not stop at this discovery, she implicitly refers us back to the Bible’s striking truth: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, giving her poem proundity.

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